Our Featured Speakers are (speakers and topics are subject to change):

Conference hours:

Pre-Conference Radiology Seminar - Fri Nov 17 from 1pm-5pm (Featuring Dr. William Hsu)
Sat Nov 18 from 8am-5:30pm
Sun Nov 19 from 8am-1pm


Clinical Segment – hip and groin

Andy O'Brien Strength & Conditioning
Dr. Tony Galea sports MD
Dr. Ian MacIntyre Sports DC

Sports Science Segment (2 sports scientists)

*Will be confirmed shortly

Top 10 sports papers of the year
Dr. Patrick Welsh
Dr. Taylor Tuff

Adam Douglas Strength & Conditioning

Dr. Lawrence Spriet Sports Nutrition / Hydration

Dr. Paul Dennis Sports Psychology

Keynote speaker (Former Player TBA)


Speaker bios (pdf) - Andy O'Brien | Dr. Tony Galea | Dr. Ian MacIntyre
Dr. Patrick Welsh | Dr. Taylor Tuff | Adam Douglas
Dr. Lawrence SprietDr. Paul Dennis | Devon McConnell
Jennifer Botterill | Matthieu Schneider