Our Featured Speakers line up has been finalized.
Feel free to check out our RCCSSC Facebook event page for more info.

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Dr. Craig Davies – integrated approach to performance
Jason Glass - rotary power for athletes, and a practical assessment based session.
Dr. Sasho Mackenzie - swing biomechanics
Brenley Shapiro - mental side of game
Dr. Nanci Guest - nutrition and epigenetics
Dr. Edward Cambridge - spine biomechanics

Grand Rounds:
Dr. Darren de Sa
Dr. Dale Richardson
Dr. Sean Kings

Top 10 papers of year:
Dr. Taylor Tuff
Dr. Patrick Welsh
Ian Leggett - future of the game
Bob Weeks - special guest 

Conference hours:

Friday Nov 8 (Radiology)
1pm - 5pm

Sat. Nov 9
8am - 5pm

Sun. Nov 10
8am - 3pm