Our Featured Speakers are (speakers and topics are subject to change):



Conference hours:

Pre-Conference Radiology Seminar - Fri Nov 17 from 1pm-5pm (Featuring Dr. William Hsu)
Sat Nov 18 from 8am-5:30pm
Sun Nov 19 from 8am-1pm


Clinical Segment – hip and groin

Andy O'Brien Strength & Conditioning
Dr. Tony Galea sports MD
Dr. Ian MacIntyre Sports DC
Chris Broadhurst

Sports Science Segment (2 sports scientists)

Emma Beanland
Devon McConnell

Top 10 sports papers of the year
Dr. Patrick Welsh
Dr. Taylor Tuff

Adam Douglas Strength & Conditioning

Matt Nichol (Strength and Conditioning)

Dr. Lawrence Spriet Sports Nutrition / Hydration

Dr. Paul Dennis Sports Psychology

Former Players
Jennifer Botterill
Mathieu Schneider


Speaker bios (pdf) - Andy O'Brien | Dr. Tony Galea | Dr. Ian MacIntyre
Dr. Patrick Welsh | Dr. Taylor Tuff | Adam Douglas
Dr. Lawrence SprietDr. Paul Dennis | Devon McConnell
Jennifer Botterill | Mathieu Schneider | Emma Beanland